Let 'er wail Beaves!


The hair was big and the ties were thin. Mousse replaced gel and the hair crimper replaced the curling iron. The newest technologies...like the bank machine and the walkman...amazed everyone! The phenomenon of acid rain...and acid wash jeans was discovered.

 You might have zipped up your K-Way jacket, grabbed your "ghetto blaster" and "moonwalked" your ass down to the local park to do some break dancing in da hood! (I never could do that "worm").

 The preppie, the yuppie and the valley girl were born...like  Oh-Mi-GOD!!!    We all wanted to go to a place "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"...or where "Charles (was) in Charge". And we needed to find out two things..."Who shot J.R.?"...and..."WHERE'S THE BEEF?".

 Atari, cabbage patch kids, pound puppies and the rubik’s cube...some of the choice toys for a "knarley decade"!

The Time...The Era...the '80s!!!

We play great tunes from a great era...the "80s Greaties!"

Come and party with us...