ROCK ON!!!     We love you here in Mulletville!!!

When you book us, you are getting a full show. You'll not only hear the '80s, but you'll SEE the '80s up on stage. We have the tunes...and also the "look". Crockett & Tubbs, the preppie, the metal head...and some Wayne's World...all there to provide the audience with a complete '80s show.

photo by Antonia


We'll supply you with '80s music for the entire evening. We provide your audience with two full live sets (30 songs total) of rocking '80s well as other classic '80s tunes via self running CDs that you can play over your system...before, between, and after the live sets.


You'll be getting a full evening of "80s retro"..."KNARLEY DUDE!"

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