Let 'er wail Gordoh!!!



SHOUT! SHOUT ! LET IT ALL OUT ! 1985 is what it’s all about! Not only did 1985 bring us New Coke, Tube Skirts and Frosted lipstick…1985 can officially boast of being the year of Madonna. Her marriage to Sean Penn and her film debut in Desperately Seeking Susan solidified her place in pop culture history. Madonna wasn’t the only thing buzzing that year. Foreiner asked us to dig deep for the meaning of love and Dead or Alive had us dizzy spinning round and round.

Thanks to Weird Science we now know how to create the ultimate woman…as in Kelly LeBrock. John Cusack in Better Off Dead gave us French lessons and more importantly turned the slightly awkward-alternative-video playing nerd into the boy girls are REALLY dreaming about. 1985 also brought us the cutest werewolf ever. How could you not fall in love with Teen Wolf? And in case you might be thinking 1985 is too gooshy and sweet in the movie section…Rambo First Blood Part II will whip you into a machine gun frenzy and introduce the ultimate warrior…no pain gain!!

The world of 1985 Television brought us Judge Wapner, who taught us valuable lessons in Law who say’s you can’t sue over spilt milk? Inspector Gadget, Voltron & Jem taught us to appreciate cutting edge drama and if that isn’t enough to keep you tuned in-Robin Leach teased us with the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Who wouldn’t want champagne wishes and caviar dreams in the comfort of our own living rooms night after night?

Let’s here it for the hump year of the 80’s……1985 is here! Jump in and take a bite.

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From VH1's "I Love the 80s Strikes Back" series