Let 'er wail Gordoh!!!



We just can’t get enough of the most colorful, greedy and radical decade ever … so we’re going back for more. I Love The 80’s: Strikes Back!!! And this is 1984! 1984 brought the comeback of one Ms. Tina Turner…Ike-free and ready to take the world by storm with her solo debut, “Private Dancer.” Plus the arrivial of : MENUDO! Menudo made waves and broke hearts all over the world in 1984 of course until that fateful day a member would be kicked out of the group

But no other album encompasses this awesome year than Van Halen’s “1984” album. 84’s other musical faves include Thompson Twins’ “Doctor, Doctor,” The Cars’ “Drive” and Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.”

Movies, movies movies….1984 had a ton of classics. Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel karate by having him wax his cars (The Karate Kid), Freddie Krueger killed teens in their dreams (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Mogwais took over the world (Gremlins), Eddie Murphy took over California (Beverly Hills Cop), Four scientists saved the world from one giant marshmallow (Ghostbusters), the geeks won over the jocks (Revenge of the Nerds), and Tom Hanks showed the world that he’s got more going for him than “Bosom Buddies.” (Splash, Bachelor Party)

Television in 1984 opened the floodgates for strong women. Cagney and Lacey were groundbreaking female detectives, Angela Lansbury played a murder- solving writer in Murder She Wrote Farrah Fawcett portrayed an abused woman who kills her husband in The Burning Bed.

TV also brought us “Night Court”, a look at the wacky hijinx that take place in the New York Judicial System. The show featured Harry Anderson as the comedic judge with a love of magic tricks.

1984 was a big year in toys. Little girls were brushing the manes of their My Little Ponies all day and snuggling with their Glo Worm at night.

In the fashion world, women were rocking the stirrup pants with oversized tops

This is the year that screams everything 80’s….and it makes you want to shout I LOVE 1984!!

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From VH1's "I Love the 80s Strikes Back" series