Let 'er wail Gordoh!!!



You remember 1987. Glenn Close refused to be ignored, the Stock Market bubble burst, and the Beastie Boys fought to keep the party going.

It was the year we realized what the 80’s were all about – and we reveled in the excess, extravagance and bigness of it all!

Bands like Poison, Cinderella, and Motley Crue – took bad boy excess and hair styles to new heights; Oliver Stone showed us the dark side of yuppie avarice on Wall Street; and a new, upstart network called Fox introduced viewers to the hugely dysfunctional family known as the Bundy’s.

In ‘87 sex was on our minds like never before. We flocked to the box office to see Michael Douglas learn the dangers of his Fatal Attraction; we tuned into MTV to watch Salt N’ Pepa teach us how to push it (real good); and three scandalous women, Jessica Hahn, Donna Rice, and Fawn Hall, turned the worlds of news, politics, and religion on their &%!#es. And FINALLY, after two years of foreplay – Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis did the deed on Moonlighting.

Shepherd and Willis weren’t the only dynamic duo in ’87. Following in the footsteps of such cinematic greats as Redford & Newman and Martin & Lewis, The Coreys (Haim and Feldman) began their legendary film collaboration by battling vampires in The Lost Boys. Little did we know that the duo who would bring us such classics as The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream and License to Drive would also bring us tabloid headlines about drug addiction, rehab, and general career immolation. Ann and Nancy Wilson proved that all they needed to stage a major comeback were a couple of leather corsets, a few catchy power ballads, and a tanker full of aqua net. And on Cheers, Sam Malone said good-bye to Diane and hello to Rebecca.

Years before the Spice Girls – girl power ruled in 1987. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson dominated America’s malls and pop radio. And on the big screen in Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey went to the Catskills, fell in love with Patrick Swayze, learned the Mambo, and discovered that no one could put her in a corner!

Ah, if only you could go back to 87 ---- the smell of bleach from your newly acid washed jeans was in the air, U2, Lisa Lisa, and R.E.M. were playing on your disc-man, and the year’s biggest sex symbol was a bull-terrier who had a drinking problem and a way with the ladies. Good times.

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From VH1's "I Love the 80s" series