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80s "Buzz that Wuz"

The 80s was such a wild decade. There were so many new fashions, styles, music genres, and technical innovations. Click on any of the links below to find out about the fads...the fashions...the items and moments in time that made the 80s...so GREATY!!!

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The "Buzz that Wuz":
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The Rubik's Cube Challenge

Do you remember that  $@#%$  little piece of plastic? How close did YOU get?
How much of the '80s did YOU waste trying to solve it? Give it a try and see how you do

(HINT: To do it in record time...press R!  )

To rotate the cube: click on center square of any face and then drag mouse cursor anywhere on your screen.

To spin a face: click on any edge square and drag in the direction you want to spin.

To scramble:  Press S.
      To reset:  Press R.

(NOTE: you must click on the cube first)

It's that easy!

Thanks to GG International for this "MINT" applet. KNARLEY dudes!...to the MAX!!!